Buy or not buy a credit card? The pros and cons of credit cards

The credit card is an American phenomenon that has spread to Europe. But is buying a credit card risky and pricey? We sorted it out. Why purchase a credit card? The credit card is known as an easy payment method that you can always use. The main reason people choose to purchase a credit card […]

Borrow money and still be blacklisted? It’s possible!

If we cannot end up without a new loan and are still blacklisted, there are still limited options for taking out a new loan. Despite the blacklist notification, as a homeowner we can still take out a loan. However, it is highly doubtful whether this is so advantageous for the credit applicant. The lender runs […]

If I ask for a loan from the bank, am I obliged to take out life insurance?

It is likely that if you have gone to your financial institution for a lifetime to apply for a loan (either personal or mortgage) you have been obliged to take out life insurance . However, is this a mandatory or even legal requirement? The truth is that the answer to both questions is a resounding […]