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Nowadays you hear and read it everywhere in advertisements that have something to do with loans or credits: borrowing money costs money. That’s right, but if you consciously choose to borrow, you can still save a lot of costs if you properly inform yourself which credit is best for you.

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Small loan up to $ 1,500

We must, first of all, make an important distinction: if you want to borrow an amount between $ 100 and $ 1,500, you will end up with a so-called mini – loan. These are loans that you typically take out for a short period and preferably through a large international party that specializes in this. 

You can apply for a non credit check payday loan at in 5 minutes. You only need your ID, so a passport or ID card. It can even be in your account within 24 hours!

The costs are kept under control because the term of the loans is short. You should mainly use this form to bridge a number of weeks or months until you know that you can certainly pay it off, for example, because your holiday pay or end-of-year bonus is coming.

For example, if you borrow $ 600 and pay it off after 45 days in one installment, the interest costs are effective $ 9.76

Find low interest

Find low interest

As soon as you want to borrow higher amounts, say up to $ 75,000, you will have to look further than a mini loan. And even then you continue to come across that borrowing money costs money. The main reason that people want to be warned about the consequences of borrowing is because of the costs involved. You often take out an obligation for several years and if you cannot meet it, this leads to major problems.

That is why it is very important to find the lowest possible interest. You save thousands of euros with larger loans! In the overview below you see real-time / live the current best interest deals. You can click through to the provider for more information or request online. It is also possible to transfer an existing loan.

Click on ‘all loan rates ‘ to view more interest rates and also to compare specifically for, for example, the desired loan form (personal loan versus revolving credit, we’ll tell you more about it later). You can also compare specific car loans or a loan for a renovation.

Short duration

Short duration

The interest that you pay must be paid annually. After all, it is an annual percentage that you agree with. Conversely, this means that when you take out a loan with a shorter duration, you have to pay less interest in absolute terms. But then you have to pay off faster and therefore pay a higher monthly amount.

You often see that lenders and banks manage for a longer-term. With that, they naturally earn more money themselves, and they reduce the risk that you cannot pay. Be aware of this and negotiate if you wish. It saves you a lot of money at the end of the ride!

Additional costs

Additional costs

Always pay attention to the small print of financial products. This is certainly also important with loans/credits. Are there, for example, additional costs or additional conditions? Costs for service, administration, fines for early repayments, guarantee, etc.

Some loans may also require you to open a checking account with a particular provider or there are transaction costs for paying out a loan sum. However, all of these should already be included in the APR, or annual cost percentage. This is a percentage that one has to communicate including all costs and with which you can easily compare providers.

Loan forms

Loan forms

The type of loan you choose depends on many factors and also makes a big difference in the possible total costs. In principle there are two most used forms that you will probably choose:

1. Personal loan. This form has a fixed duration and a fixed interest rate. This provides clarity and is therefore often used. For example for the purchase of a car or caravan.

2. Revolving credit. The interest here is variable, but you only pay it on the amount that you have actually withdrawn. You can decide for yourself how much you want to take and when, and you can always make extra repayments in the meantime.

In principle, not one of these two forms is cheaper, it just depends on what you need it for and how you deal with it yourself. For some loan goals, you are quickly attached to a certain form.

If it is an option for you, you can be cheaper with a revolving credit by dealing smartly with the money. However, in practice you often see people take longer to repay because the duration is not fixed and a little extra withdrawal seems too tempting. This makes the shape more expensive in reality.

Let a specialist watch

Let a specialist watch

Would you rather have a specialist come and see it? That can be a good plan. They often know just a bit more and may find it easier to find the cheapest loan for your plan. is the right option for this, a Dutch expert who has been doing this for years. They will always find the best deal for you. At least you can request a quote for free and without obligation, you don’t pay anything and you can easily compare the result with the interest rates found in your own comparison.

Do you know how you can pay your debts faster?

Do you know how you can pay your debts faster?

Everyone likes to enjoy money and buy things, but almost nobody likes to pay. Having debts is not pretty in any circumstance and that does not mean that the credit is bad, but once we have used it, we must be responsible for paying it on time.

Prepayments of debt

But if what you wonder is if there is any way to get out of that pair of debts that you have pending faster and better, the answer is yes and it is through capital payments. Also called prepayments of debt, they refer to the extra percentage you will pay to cancel your credit, that is, pay more than the monthly fee. By law, banks can no longer charge commissions for making a capital payment, so it is a safe method to end their debt early.

Now, where to get that money?

There comes the most rugged part of the matter, you have to strive to save a monthly amount. Do you want to lose weight? Take all the money you used for junk food, candy and others, and allocate it to your credit. Buy cheaper brands in the supermarket, seasonal food, stop going to the movies for a few months and save all extra income. With the necessary effort, at the end of the month you can pay an extra fee to your credit.

Reduce your quota or reduce the term

When making these payments you can rethink whether to reduce your quota or reduce the term. The recommendation is to reduce the term, since the fee was the one agreed from the beginning and therefore, should be able to pay it. Instead, reducing the term will make you feel debt free in less time.

Something that you should consider is that one reason to fall into many debts is to have a plastic that does not suit you, since it gives you a high interest rate and zero benefits. Will this be your case? Do not forget to compare all credit cards in Sut Lovingood and request one that really suits you.

Buy or not buy a credit card? The pros and cons of credit cards

The credit card is an American phenomenon that has spread to Europe. But is buying a credit card risky and pricey? We sorted it out.

Why purchase a credit card?

The credit card is known as an easy payment method that you can always use. The main reason people choose to purchase a credit card is for special foreign payments. This way you can easily place an order online, book a flight or pay in a restaurant when you are on vacation. Did you know that all purchases you make with a credit card are also insured for up to two years? Yet the credit card has a bad reputation with many people: a credit card would be dangerous and cost a lot of money. In this article we will explain how it works.

Purchase a credit card and the spending limit

A regular credit card works with a spending limit. In other words: how much money you can spend with your credit card. The level of the spending limit is income-dependent. The outstanding amount runs up in the month and you can then repay the amount in one go (often at the end of the month), after which you also immediately pay interest on the outstanding amount. Another possibility is to repay the outstanding amount early and thus avoid the interest costs. This often pays off because the interest costs of a credit card can often be as high as 15%.

Which credit card to purchase?

What is a good choice when you want to purchase a credit card? There are various credit card providers that apply their own rates and conditions. Also always check whether you can request a credit card without obligation, or whether there is a (annual) contract. Furthermore, check the transaction costs, the costs of the exchange rate and the costs of withdrawing money (abroad). In addition, you always pay an amount for owning a credit card. Prices can vary considerably in this area.

Purchase a credit card and have money problems

It is very important not to be tempted to make purchases with your credit card and spend money that you do not have. After all, you always have to pay it back at the end of the month, including interest and extra costs. If you know that you spend money easily, it can be useful to set a lower credit card limit for yourself and thus avoid high costs.

Purchase a prepaid credit card: how does that work?

If you want the benefits but not the burden of the credit card, it is worth buying a prepaid credit card. A prepaid credit card is a credit card on balance: you can never spend more than you have and, in addition to the annual contribution for this card, you do not have to pay any extra costs. This makes the prepaid credit card a safe alternative. The prepaid credit card can also be used worldwide and is accepted everywhere. It is also possible to request a prepaid credit card if you have a negative broker registration. You can easily recharge the card yourself,

In short, with a credit card it is important that you keep an overview yourself, not just spend too much money and make well-considered choices. This way you can take advantage of the many benefits that (prepaid) credit cards have to offer!

Borrow money and still be blacklisted? It’s possible!

If we cannot end up without a new loan and are still blacklisted, there are still limited options for taking out a new loan. Despite the blacklist notification, as a homeowner we can still take out a loan. However, it is highly doubtful whether this is so advantageous for the credit applicant. The lender runs a rather limited risk. Are we not meeting our obligations? and if we do not repay our loan on time and regularly, then the lender sells our home to be able to recover the borrowed money. It is often about smaller amounts.

Borrow from a private person

Another option is to borrow from a private person. That is certainly not an option, because such private lenders usually charge usury because their risk is so much higher.

Borrow or pledge

A third possibility to take out a loan despite our mention on the National Bank’s blacklist is lending or pledging. In order to be able to take out a loan, for example, we provide a car or jewelery as collateral for our loan. Only when we repay our loan, of course with interest, do we get back what we have given as collateral. If you do not pay back your loan punctually, your property given as collateral will change ownership…

Take out a loan to fill a well…

Many repay one loan by entering into another. This is of course no solution. After all, there is a strong temptation to use a newly obtained loan for purposes other than paying off our previous loan, so that we are even more deeply indebted. As a result, we end up in a spiral of debt that we cannot possibly break through. Then help from the OCMW or CAW and at a later stage the collective debt mediator is the only way out…

This is how you can choose a personal payday loan

There can be an event in our lives whenever we need some financial help. In such cases, of course, we can borrow from relatives, but we may not be able to do so. There is nothing left but a personal payday loan. Just which one to pick? We help you make the choice.

When looking for a personal payday loan

The question arises which one to take out? What is advertised on TV during movie break breaks? Or what we saw in the subway stations advertised? Maybe what they recommend on facebook? Or what is offered in our usual branch?

Many people tend to believe in advertising, but the situation is not that simple, as it is likely that we do not always find the ads for the best loans. The best solution is to choose the loan that best fits your needs from all available offers, and a comparative calculator will help you a great deal. It contains personal payday loans from all banks and can be compared with each other, either in terms of monthly repayments or total repayments. The loan amount and maturity can be freely varied, so the default values ​​can be changed.

How to Choose a Personal payday loan?

How to Choose a Personal Loan?

Now let’s see how Goodbank can help you find the best personal payday loan. In our calculator you will find all the personal payday loan offerings, along with all the important information and fees. We have to write how much money we need and how long we ask for the loan.

Of course, you can leave the calculator at the default, but you may not want to see exactly the default amount or years. So you should enter the values ​​of your choice in the fields above. With a longer maturity, the monthly repayment will be lower, but the total repayment amount will be higher than assuming the same loan amount for a shorter maturity.

After entering the loan amount and the number of years

After entering the loan amount and the number of years

The calculator will present you with all the personal payday loan offers available with the given options . You can see the name of the bank and the loan, the monthly installment, the APR and the total amount to be repaid, and slightly lower the initial cost, the annual interest rate and the interest period.

Almost every hit has a fixed interest rate until the end of its term, so the interest rate on such personal payday loans will remain the same. This predictability, stability, and exchange rate risk are all very good features of the fixed interest rate period, as all loans have been denominated in HUF for years.

If I ask for a loan from the bank, am I obliged to take out life insurance?

It is likely that if you have gone to your financial institution for a lifetime to apply for a loan (either personal or mortgage) you have been obliged to take out life insurance . However, is this a mandatory or even legal requirement? The truth is that the answer to both questions is a resounding NO. From Particular Credit we explain it to you.

Life insurance and loans

Although many banks will try to sell you otherwise, the truth is that by law they cannot force you to take out life insurance when you apply for a loan. Another thing is that they offer you more interesting conditions if you do. For example reduce the interest rate. This second option is legal today. Since it is an advertising claim to sell two products in pack and in theory at a better price than separate.

Consequences of not contracting life insurance when requesting a loan from a bank

Consequences of not contracting life insurance when requesting a loan from a bank

Unfortunately, refusing to hire this service has direct repercussions on the financial product that you do want to acquire. That is, the loan. In general there are two possible scenarios that can occur:

That the interest rate increases

Although, as we explained at the beginning by Law, they cannot force you to take out life insurance when applying for a loan, they can raise the interest rate. This is because it is a bonus loan. What does this mean? That you only get a reduction in interest if you hire other products associated with the loan. These can be from life insurance to one of payment protection.

As a general rule, acceptance of the payment of one of these linked products usually involves an annual cost of between € 200 and € 400. Hence it is interesting to make numbers to see if it really fits us. You also have to check with a thousand eyes the linked product they sell you because in many cases they have virtually no coverage or are useful for the customer.

Let us directly deny the loan

Although by law they cannot force you to take out life insurance when you apply for a loan, they do have your right to refuse it if you do not. This “mandatory” will be closely linked to the client’s financial file. In this way, the less solvent the future borrower considers, the greater the requirements for granting a loan. In these cases, presenting a guarantee or contracting life insurance is a method for the bank to minimize the risks. And to make sure that you will end up paying back the borrowed amount. If you do not fall within your plans to accept these requirements and do not consider your profile sufficiently suitable, they will directly deny you the credit.

Factors that can determine that a bank grants us a loan without contracting life insurance

Factors that can determine that a bank grants us a loan without contracting life insurance

However, there are certain factors that will help us achieve our goal: to contract a loan without related products.

Have a good credit history

If our credit history is adequate and we show that we have sufficient financial solvency to return the money, it is likely that the bank will grant us the loan without the need to take out life insurance and with a good interest rate.

Degree of relationship with the bank

If we are clients of a lifetime and we have a high degree of relationship with the bank to which we have requested a loan, it is likely that in this case they do not require us to contract any type of insurance.

Open rune checking account and direct payroll

Nowadays, banks due to the high level of competitiveness that the loan sector has acquired are starting to offer this product without forcing others to acquire it. Not surprisingly, private equity companies have become tough opponents for them.

Currently many banks grant credit as long as the client opens or has a checking account with them and domiciles their payroll there.

How to know what debts I must pay first? | Debt Consolidation


If the end of the month arrives and we realize that we spend more than we should and that the money will not reach us to pay all our obligations, it is time to prioritize which are the debts that we must pay first.
Of course, this does not mean that we will leave other debts without paying for an indeterminate term.

Will only wait a little longer to cancel them.

money cash

So when choosing which obligations I must cancel first, experts recommend paying those that have a higher interest rate, which in our country would be credit cards. Cancel your card fee and propose not to use it the following month, so you will catch up with the rest of the expenses.

After the credit card, there are other debts such as vehicular credit (if you have one) or personal loans, whose interest rate is lower but not so much. And what you buy the next day, will come in the statement of the following month. Knowing this date to the right and the other way around is very important because this way you can plan your purchases, so as not to be surprised having to pay high amounts for the card. Finally, the debts of the mortgage loans are the cheapest, so we could cancel them last; However, we should not fall behind because we run the risk of losing good.

Another criterion for prioritizing debts is:

money loan

Those that have a guarantee (mortgages, vehicles), those that report to you at risk centers (cards, loans) and those that you have with someone you know (family, friends).

Choose from one of those criteria and don’t forget to save to cancel everything you can as soon as possible Choose an account that pays you a good percentage for your savings. Compare banking institutions here.


Borrow money quickly without broker review

Did you get a negative broker registration in the past, but do you want money for making an online purchase? Borrowing money quickly without broker testing is an option!

Perhaps you never considered taking out a loan for extra money, but if you need money urgently this can offer a solution. Moreover, borrowing money is fairly common nowadays, many people preceded you in taking out a loan. Most people, however, go to the bank for a loan, while there are other loan providers on the market that make it much easier for you to take out a loan. For example, taking out a flash credit on the internet is possible for everyone and there is no broker assessment attached to this!

Why borrow money quickly without broker review?

Why borrow money quickly without broker review?

Most of the population today has a negative broker and borrowing is sometimes necessary. You are therefore looking for a loan provider that does not perform a broker review, so that you can still borrow. For example, many people end up with private individuals. Unfortunately, it is not certain with these loan providers whether you are borrowing responsibly, because you do not know who you are going to work with. Fortunately, there are also loan providers on the market, such as flash credit providers that offer safe loans that you can just take out with a negative broker. The reasons they have for omitting a broker assessment include that these broker assessments take a lot of time, but also that these broker assessments exclude many people from a flash credit and, moreover, that this is not really necessary, because this is relatively small amounts.

Borrow money quickly without broker review with a flash credit

Borrow money quickly without broker review with a flash credit

A flash credit is therefore a loan in which a broker registration is not a problem. There are also few other conditions attached to these loans. This way you can also borrow when you have no work or if you have a payslip, because the only thing that is important here is that you have a fixed income. This income may also be built up from student finance, child benefits or cash from benefits. That way there is always a possibility to borrow money for you, even though you are unemployed or borrowed from benefits. The aim of flash credit providers is therefore to make these loans as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

How much to borrow quickly without broker review?

How much to borrow quickly without broker review?

You can decide yourself what amount you want to borrow with the help of a flash credit, which can be any amount between 50 and 1000 euros. So for example you can borrow 100 euros for booking a weekend away, 250 euros today in your account for groceries or 950 euros for paying off old debts. You decide for yourself on what you spend this money, you don’t have to consult with the flash credit provider. That way you can borrow money for whatever reason and also receive it directly to your account!

Loan Review, Discussion, Experience

Consider a new loan? Uniqueness on the market is a non-bank mortgage from CCB Finance known as CCB Lender Loan. You are able to apply from CZK ten, 000 to CZK sixty, 000 with maturity as high as 24 months.

The pages are arranged. On the front web page, you can immediately see the precise calculation. The advantage is that you may postpone the repayment phrase, change your monthly payment or request more money.

So what do I have to meet to get a mortgage?

get a loan

  • Czech resident
  • bank account within your name
  • age group 18+
  • steady income
  • legitimate identity card

How to Apply for a Mortgage: Procedure – CCB Loan provider Loan

How to Apply for a Loan: Procedure - ABC Lender Loan

The whole method is very simple. On the home page, select how much you want to borrow as well as for how long. All fees plus credit rate can be seen within the calculator. The advantage is that you select how much installment you want. You could then create a profile to access the consumer section.

Then, fill in all of that other information, upload the necessary files, submit a vertical transaction ($ 0. 01 in order to verify that it is your financial institution account), and send this. Now just wait for the particular notification.

Benefits of the loan

Advantages of the loan

  • verified provider
  • possibility of early repayment
  • client zone where one can manage your loan
  • Reminder payments are usually sent to you every month
  • possibility to ask for a rise in the loan during the payback

Negatives CCB Lender Loans

  • The mortgage is quite expensive
  • only for Czech citizens
  • the register associated with debtors is checked


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